In this Alumni section we store the many pictures we have taken over the years. There is a story behind every single picture. We will attempt to tell the stories with many of the pictures you see in this section. I hope you enjoy yourself.  Please tell  former alumni about this section because at some time in the future, they too will show up on our page.

Me, Maya and Valerie. Wow time passes by so quickly. Today I located this awesome picture. They graduated in 2015. Four years later, Valerie (R) is continuing her career in law enforcement and works for a local law enforcment police agency, Val is also a college student. Maya is working in the career of nursing. I am proud of both of these young ladies, understood why we worked so hard to  guide them. Both also had very good parental support at home.

Congratulations Class of 2009!


This is their 10 year anniversary!!

This is one of the most notable classes in the history of this program. (over the past 15 years) They were dedicated to making the academy look a certain way. They were proud of their academy experience. They put it all out on the line and won several challenges, including four all-academy challenges, three csi sacramento competitions, and three quiz bowls. They worked together, had pride in their academy, and made some awesome memories. In this group, one has become a police officer, another has earned a masters degree, two more earned their bacelor's degrees, and a few more have earned associate degree's.

I am proud of your guys, keep fighting the good fight!!

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