Highlighted Scholarships:

Scholarships for Undocumented Students

MORE scholarships for Undocumented Students

National Black Police Association


Filipino-American Law Enforcement Officers Association


Friends of the California State Fair (List of scholarships)

Friends of the Californiat State Fair  (Application website)



Courageous Persuaders PSA video against drinking/texting and driving.

There are millions of dollars that go unawarded annually simply because not enough students are applying for scholarships. Let's get that money in your hands! All of the money you earn can go with you to school, and much of it can be used at community colleges or trade schools!

Below you'll find links to thousands of scholarship sites. You may only qualify for one out of every 25 or 50 scholarships, but keep looking. Note which ones you want to apply for. CHECK OUT this Scholarship Tracking Sheet. You can make a copy for yourself to help you organize your scholarship search. The dates are old, but most scholarships renew each year. Give it a try! 

Scholarship hunting is tricky. Keep your eyes open. Ask yourself, "Where do my family members work? Where do I worship? Where do I go to school? What organizations or clubs are my parents/grandparents part of? Were my parents veterans? Where is my family from?" You'll be amazed at the scholarships you'll find! Keep looking! Share your results with me so I can share with others. Never pay for a scholarship application. Use common sense when sharing information online. 

  • Check out the scholarship sites for YOUR school district: TWIN RIVERS, Sac City USD These sites may not be ready yet, but check back periodically so you don't miss deadlines. Check your SCHOOL's website for scholarship links. 



  • Grant Union High School publishes a scholarship PDF from time to time. Check it out HERE


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