Here at the Law Academy we provide students with several resources and opportunites to succeed. Your success is our main goal, but we also want to make sure that you have unique experiences that only our academy can provide. 
   Wheather its learning on how to process a crime scene, how to perform a traffic stop, earning a paid internship and receiving an mentorship from several industry professionals, we offer you the opportunity to reach your goals. 
(Below are several opportunites the academy provides)

C.S.I Training

Paid Internships

College Credit

Team Building

Field Trips


Law Academy

Leadership Camps


12:30 pm - Hiram Johnson


9:30 am - SPD communication Center

9:00am - SPD communication center

Crime Scene Investigation 


Learn concepts of procesing an crime scene and protection and collection of evidence. You will also have an opportunity to compete in challenges locally and through the state.

Team Building Competitions


Our Academy competes in several fun and exciting team building challenges throughout the year, which develops teamwork, self confidence and a positive academy environment. 


Tahoe Park Challenge 

Friday May 25, 2018

Professional Mentorships


The Sacramento police department provides professional mentorship to students during the cadets time in the academy and also after they graduate from high school.Former students have noted that they owe much of their current success to the mentorship they've received during their time in the academy.

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